HBA-69R : Tropicool Air Ionizer

While travelling on road for long, the pollution, smoke, allergens and germs can put you off. With the TROPIcool Air Ionizer & Purifier HBA-69R, you can experience fresh air inside the car always. The Ion Effect of the purifier neutralizes and destroys airborne contaminants present in the air, resulting in air that is clean and free from bacteria, germs and viruses. It also does away with tobacco smoke, insecticide, dust and pollen, so that you stay healthy and relaxed.

 TROPIcool HBA-69R has a size of 130 x 130 x 80 mm and is perfect for large SUVs as well as small and mid-size cars.


echnical Specifications:

  1. Power : 12 V DC.
  2. Power Consumption:137 mA.
  3. Product size: 130 x 130 x 80 mm.
  4. Product weight:280gm.
  5. Negative ion density:500k ions/cc at 40cm distance
  6. Ozone output below 0.01 p.p.m.


  1. Neutralizes, Destroys, The Airborne Contaminants, Breath Fresh, Cleaner Air.
  2. Decomposing odor.
  3. Killing bacteria, germs, viruses
  4. Removing tobacco smoke, insecticide dust ,pollen.