RT -50 : Rain Tracker

Drive hassle free with best visibility in erratic rains.

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Product Description

Operation: Activation switch sets to unit default sensitivity. Unit automatically controls wipers from full off, through intermittent, slow and high speed operation.
System Compatibility: • Windshield: Maximum windshield thickness (mm): 6.35
• Nominal operation Voltage (V) DC: 12
• Nominal current drain of RT-50 with sensor on standard solar control glass is (mA): 20
• Maximum Voltage system will withstand for One minute (V)DC: 25
• RT-50 System protected against reverse polarity up to (V) DC: 25
• Temperature Range: (Deg.C.): -40 to +85
(Sensing of rain not required below -15Deg.C)
Dimensions: • Sensor: LxWxH (mm) 45x45x45
• Interface module: LxWxH (mm) 113x113x113
Working: The Rain Tracker uses the beams of infrared light from optical sensor fitted on inside surface of windshield to sense how much water hits the windshield. It constantly adjust the speed of the wipers so that they run just often enough to keep the windshield clear from all the off to high speed. This frees the driver from that task, reducing driver distraction .(As per NHTSA 26% of all fetal crashes is caused because of driver distraction) The model RT-50 Rain Tracker controls the wipers in a full range of operation, from fully off, through intermittent and steady slow and on up through high speed.