TC15i : Tropicool Portable Chiller & Warmer – Mini Fridge

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Product: Thermo-electric chiller & warmer (Mini-fridge) AC/DC
Capacity: 15L
Description: Environment-friendly Peltier cooling. Hot/cold, ON/OFF switch. RED/GREEN LEDS indicate warming or cooling. Special arrangement to pass milk pipes on both sides.
Cooling effect: 15 to 18℃ below ambient temperature. Min. temperature 7℃ @ 25℃ ambient.
Heating effect: Warms to 50±5℃ by the heater
Power Input: Built in adapter for 240V AC input and using indoors. 12V DC input with 6.5 ft cable for use inside vehicles.
Quality Features: Superior finish, easy carry swing-up handle. No compressor or refrigerant gas.
Dimensions: 19.0*26.0*28.5cm
Material: ABS
Color: Silver
Warranty: 1 Year

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