Tropicool Portable Car Fridge & Warmer - Model CT-08

Thermo- Electric Fridge cum Warmer for Vehicles, Hotels, Houses, Offices, Clinics etc.


12L Capacity
AC / DC Cords
No compressor Safe & Compact
Portable and convenient Low Power Consumption
Holds upto : 16 Cans, 6 Bottles of Beer, 4 Bottles of 1 lit. Mineral Water Warranty :2 years


Tropicool Car Navigation (GPS)

With TROPIcool Car Navigation (GPS) Model travelling to an unfamiliar area is easy and comfortable.


Turn by turn guide Bluetooth
Voice prompts TMC
Visual maps Rechargeable battery
Portable and easy to install Maps of 30 cities & all highways of India


Tropicool Mobile Phone Holder

Windshield mount mobile phone holder for easy handling while you drive.


Strong Silicon base suction that fixes onto car windshield
One touch release button to remove your phone from the holder while driving.


TROPIcool® Rear View System Model RVS-01

For Safe Driving, to see what you can’t see, even on foggy/rainy day/night.


Night Vision Camera High Temperature & Humidity operation
Wide Angle Camera Compact & Miniature light weight system
Real Images Anti-Glare Mirror, Optimum view, Adjustable Angle
Waterproof, Shockproof, Vibration Proof, Dust Proof system NTSC/ PAL, LH/RH systems


TROPIcool® Inno Roof Boxes : Ridge Trunk 220 Model -BR 220


5- Year Warranty Lock & Key
Aerodynamic Styling Choice of Sizes & Colours
ABS Construction Glossy finish


Tropicool E-Desk Model HBA-66

Ideal and convenient for Travelers & Corporates.


Multi-functional : Laptop, Food, Drinks etc High Quality Aluminum Construction.
Simple Installation Desk Size : 329 x 268 mm.
Use on Steering Wheel, Front or Rear Seat World Patent Pending